It's important that you feel happy!

G'day! I'm glad you dropped in.....

Watching the grooms face as he turns to see his glowing Bride is definitely the best part of my day. Having spoken to him, and finalising the logistics before she arrives.... Straightening him up, his tie, flower, are the boys in line, etc....... I especially love seeing him nervous, it's a little bit of fun to rev him up with his best men and then to see him slowly compose himself, as she reaches out and holds his hands,.... when they join together..... That's magic.

If you want to have a deep and meaningful, expressive and naturally fun ceremony, then I am the celebrant for you!

I have been conducting Ceremonies for 14 years.

I am based in leafy Woolooware in the Sutherland Shire, Sydney.

I cover all Australian Territories solemnising Marriages, and conducting many other style's of ceremony.

I am a Professional Commonwealth appointed Civil Celebrant and my experiences are very diverse. The Ceremonies are natural, and always happy and fun!

It has made me very happy to be Awarded in Excellence over the years by the couples whom I have married and voted for me. Thanks a million for contributing to my happiness and continued success!

I have traveled the world for 7 years and embraced many cultures, and am open to all idea's and requests. I am young, which is a fresh change in this profession, so I relate naturally, listen, and genuinely understand your needs. My versatility allows me to work within all levels of ceremony. Over the years I have created a large network within the Wedding Industry, which is a great resource for you to benefit from, as it will ease the burden of choosing other quality services.

Hollie-Berri Sleeman cmc ch nlp cmaha      0433777775      [email protected]