Commitment Ceremony

Babies - older children - adopted children - half brothers/sisters - adults - It's a bonding of all witnesses to unify, by guiding, loving, encouraging, supporting and understanding the person throughout all of their living days.

These ceremonies are a simple way to show each other your level of commitment, and to openly declare your expectations and love. It is an excellent way to share your love for each other before friends and family, without being legally bound to each other.

They represent a future together, truthfully and openly, and can be very similar to a wedding ceremony in structure.

Funeral Service

A loved one has passed and a branch on the family tree is at it's end. But the many seasons past have bore fruit and blossomed, and has flourished rich in experience. Every person who has ever lived on the earth has changed the lives of others and contributed to the rich kaleidoscope of our world. Through telling their stories, we commemorate their gifts to us and rejoice in the memories they have kindly bestowed upon us.

Not in all circumstances, but I believe it is healthy to love, cry and celebrate the life lived. A funeral is not always solely a time to be solemn and sad, though this is of course appropriate. Peacefulness, relief, joy and smiles are also a big part of the flood of emotions felt.

It is the day to respect and honour the life which once lived.

Funeral Services which I conduct reflect the departed in the most truthful, natural way possible - an authentic portrayal is delivered.

Home Blessing / Cleansing

Everyone dreams of their home to be filled with life and love; to be full of positive energy.

Perhaps it has taken many sacrifices financially and personally to achieve your home as it is now, and that is well worth celebrating with a Home Blessing Ceremony.

Many family members and friends, may have invested a lot of time and effort into supporting you in creating such a wholesome home, and this Home Blessing Ceremony is a fantastic original way of recognising all who took part and thanking them deeply for their help. It is also a spiritual way of filling the home with vitality and love, opening it up to positive influence and a great new base for starting a fresh life.

Home Cleansing Ceremonies are a successful way of banishing old energies from the home, any negativity or past tenants. They are very effective and really help to re-align all who live there. I have never failed to achieve the desired outcome.


Name Giving Ceremonies

Are for those Parents who are divided on their religious / non-religious beliefs. and don't believe a christening is necessary for their little one, yet still want to signify their new life and family. A Naming Ceremony is a perfect, and common solution, appeasing both parents(and usually Grand-Parents!).

A name is a highly significant, super personal, and treasured identity for your whole being. It is what creates your uniqueness in the world and sets you apart from all others. A lot of power is within a name.

Some adults hold name Giving Ceremonies when they have outgrown their birth names, or are adding another name to represent a chapter in their life. It adds an independent sense of identity through choosing their own name, which has even more personal significance for them.

Also some adults, perhaps after the dissolution of a marriage, prefer to reclaim their birth name. This is a perfect way to re-align yourself and cleanse yourself of the past - its also extremely empowering

Renewal of Vows

Couples who take part in Renewing their vows are truly blessed and very wise in matters of the heart. To reinforce your evolving love and affection for each other just like you both did so many moons before, is what all who marries wishes for themselves !

It is an awesome experience to witness. “ Awesome ” in the true sense.

I truly love these ceremonies which are so pure and usually very happy and funny because everyone present is very familiar with each other, and even more-so the bride and groom after many years together! They are great for children to see their parents "get married", because more often than not, they were not born to witness the original marriage ceremony.

They are beautiful, the best.

Same Sex Ceremonies

Hopefully soon, these Ceremonies will become legalised and recognised as Marriage Ceremonies, just like everyone else who loves.

BUT, in the meantime, I will continue to conduct Same Sex Commitment ceremonies.

It is a beautiful moment to share with the couple. Everyone in this world who is filled with love for another, and wishes to declare it before everybody they know, has the right to experience this fabulous right of passage.

It's always gorgeous to be a part of that.

They represent a future together truthfully and openly, and can be very similar to a wedding ceremony in structure, omitting the legal content.

Please see the tab titled "Gay Marriage" for further reading.

Themed Weddings

It's not just about the day, it's about the whole journey !

Themed weddings are very fun for everyone present.

Usually held in a unique environment by a unique couple.They fill your Ceremony with love, laughter and joy, and symbolise your special journey together.

My acting skills are utilised aptly and I really enjoy performing these weddings for couples!